5 Reasons why you should do become a Data Scientist

In the era of the digital world, large companies like Facebook are handling a large amount of data. For which these companies require people with good data handling skills. This is why the demand for data science is growing day by day, and it will continue to grow as newer companies are also coming up day by day. Here are some points why you should look into this career option.

1-Increasing demand

Data Scientist is the work that is generating hype from its demand around the world. The demand for data science is increasing, while the supply is very less. India needs more than 200,000 data scientists by 2018 as compared to engineers and chartered accountants. So why wait, be one of them and be in demand.

2-Data is the new fuel

Now companies are focusing on AI. It makes perfect sense that they are able to collect large, valuable datasets about all products and people that some other companies have access to. These companies will use data to target and analyze various aspects of the company’s performance. So, yes data can be considered as the new fuel.

3-Unbeaten Salaries

India is the second-largest country to recruit employees in the field of data science or data analytics etc. with 50,000 positions available – second only to the United States. The demand for data specialists is equally competitive, whether you look at large companies, the e-commerce industry, or even start-ups. Companies are willing to pay data scientists well as these companies need their data to handle.

4-Evolving Field

Data scientists have a wide variety of skill sets that can leverage data and information to help organizations make better strategic decisions. They find exciting opportunities for businesses to work with appropriate solutions and experiment with data


As data scientists work with the help of statistics and graphs, so they are able to figure out how well the company is doing and how long it can sustain it. They can even figure out the change to be brought to the action plan so that it will boost the performance.


Data science is the career of the future. Industries are becoming data-driven and new innovations are being made every day. More data is being generated every second. Data scientists are needed to help industries make better decisions and make better products. Data considers modern gadgets and applications as electricity. It makes products smarter and gives them autonomy.