How do I develop a calm, mysterious but powerful personality?

During this covid situation, online courses have become a great tool for learning and self-improvement. Only being physically present in the classroom isn’t the only learning opinion anymore. A person now can learn anything from anywhere without being physically present, the only thing he requires is an internet connection and a laptop. Though we are stuck at home our learning should never stop.

1- Invest in yourself.

To have a powerful personality, invest in yourself. You can hope that sooner or later you’ll be the best version of yourself through your life experiences and learning.

Start to invest time in improving yourself now in every sphere of life. Learn more about self-improvement and developing personality. Provide at least one hour to invest in yourself and to gain more knowledge and experience through various sources.

Start it from today because that’s only going to last.

2- Develop a vision.

To stay calm and focused, develop a vision. A long term vision that you want to achieve. You want to have a powerful personality, investing in yourself, but to be effective, have a solid purpose for all the things. When you’ll have a vision, you’ll know all What, Why, How and When.

And, when you’ll have your why, it’ll keep you calm even in adverse situations. Because you know that losing temperament will increase the distance between you and your vision.

Simply ask yourself a question, “What does it mean to you to be- Best version of yourself?” Think about it in clarity and detail.

Once you’ll identify it, you’ll have a clear vision about what exactly you want and what you need to do to achieve it.

Give yourself 15–30 minutes every day to remind the vision and how to proceed to achieve it.

3- Be unpredictable.

To be mysterious, be unpredictable in your thoughts and actions. It means to be interesting person, you need to acquire good amount of knowledge and experience. When you interact with someone, so you can have better information to share and give better suggestions to others.

Unpredictable means less talk about oneself and encourage others to talk about themselves. Like this, you’ll build an interest in their mind for yourself. But, be sincere in your thoughts and actions. Don’t do crazy things to hurt others.

Take 30–60 minutes to explore new sets of knowledge and experience and develop the art of listening others and sharing reasonable and relevant information.

4- Don’t take anything seriously.

Really! To be a mysterious person, don’t take anything seriously or pretend to be the serious person.

Enjoy your personality and allow others to reach to you. Don’t be egoistic or self-centred. Allow others to have a satisfactory interaction with you. Have a sense of humour, good thoughts to share and allow them to explore you.

Don’t be frustrated if somebody found a point about you or made a mistake to understand you.

Just enjoy the journey of life with others.

5- Acknowledge the Criticism.

Yes, taking criticism is one of the abilities few have. Because everyone lacks it. If someone criticized you, rather than defending & arguing. Say, “Thank you” and seek detailed clarification.

It will allow you to know what you need to correct about yourself. As well as the critic will appreciate you for valuing his thoughts and opinions about you. Acknowledge it openly.