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  • Cloud And BlockChain
  • Data Management
  • Internet Of Things(IOT)
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Why IBM Career Education Programs?

IBM Career Education Program helps students and faculty gain relevant skills in the latest technologies including cloud, analytics, mobile, security, social, and more. The program brings the latest software content, real-world industry experience, hands-on labs, and best practices to a unique education platform. IBM has over a decade of training expertise in India with more than 1,00,000 certified students.

Student Advantages

Technology is developing at a dynamic pace. And with changing times, organizations are constantly evolving their solutions using the latest technologies. Hence a degree with technology specialization becomes critical for studentsto advance on their chosen career paths

  • Latest and best content on emerging technologies with continuous updates by experts from the industry as well as our global teams.
  • IBM Certificate at the end of the program for all participants who access content online and clear the certification exam
  • IBM Certified Experts conduct training for participants
  • Online access to software made available to participants
  • Global standards for skill enhancement used in curriculum design
  • Continuously evolving technology platform for students and faculty to learn anytime anywhere with IBM Expert