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Cyber Security

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  • 6 Months
  • INR 100000

Cyber Security

In the way we view and perceive the world, the digital age has brought a total transition.
Everyone stores their data on the cloud, be it companies or individuals, which means that the digital
footprint is increasing on a large scale. The digital world is complex and, unfortunately, the same goes for security breaches, just as there is infinite opportunity in terms of what it provides. The problem is not limited to a company’s personal, financial and sensitive data, but it may also pose a threat to national security. As digital technologies develop at a rapid pace, so are methods for ensuring the protection of information. Become an expert in cyber security by specializing in data secrecy, cryptography, network security, application security and data security by joining this specialised course in CyberSecurity.


  • Secure Programming
  • Application Security
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Web Security
  • Data Security and Cryptography
  • Secure Development (Secure Coding + DevSecOp)

1-2 Month Internship/Project opportunities in partner location (Hyderabad)

*Additional Living cost to be paid by the student @10,000/month (approx.)

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